Gravestone Photographic Resource Project

The Gravestone Photographic Research Project is a free genealogy resource that contains an index of the names and relationships that appear on grave monuments. This information is of special interest to anyone reseaching their family history as information on tombstones is rarely listed and it is often hard to find a grave.

Gravestone research project

Gravestone research project

The database currently holds information from Canada, Cyprus, Engald, Wales, Scotland and Australia.

Genealogical information
The genealogical information on this website consists of names, dates, age and relationships of people who were born before 1900.

The amount of family history information stored for each individual does vary depending on what is written on a monument and its legibility.

The genealogical information within the online database has been extracted from either photos taken by the Gravestone Photographic Resource or by volunteers who have donated them to the resource.

There are still many grave sites not on the database and volunteers are still required to help with this valuable project.  As gravestones decay and collapse, often never repaired or replaced and as old grave sites become reused with space a t a premium, it is vital that we record as much data as possible.

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