Richard S. Ferguson Chancellor of Carlisle

Situated to the right of the church entrance door to St Michael’s Church, Stanwix, is a much different type of tombstone, dedicated to Richard Saul. Ferguson, M.A., L.L.M., F.S.A., Chancellor of Carlisle.

Richard S Ferguson tombstone

Richard S Ferguson tombstone

Richard Saul Ferguson was born in 1837 and died in 1900, buried at St. Michael’s Church in Stanwix, Carlisle.

He was elected Mayor of Carlisle on two consecutive occasions 1881-1882 and 1882-1883.

The wonderful replica of a Celtic Tombstone is perhaps a recognition of his lifetime interests in local history and archaeology.

The whole stone is intricately carved with Celtic knots, serpents and figures, giving the memorial a much older appearance.

The inscription around the stone reads;

“Here Lieth the body of Richard Ferguson, sometime Chancellor of Carlisle and Chairman of the Quarter Sessions for the County of Cumberland”.

Richard S Ferguson is noted for having written a number of published texts, including;

Diocesan Histories : Carlisle, Published by SPCK, London, 1889 and The Heraldry of the Cumberland Statesman.

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