Wellington Pit memorial

A memorial is erected a hundred years after a fatal explosion at Wellington Pit in Whitehaven.

High on the cliff tops overlooking Whitehaven town stood the public face of Wellington Pit. Below and many miles out to sea was the mine, where in 1910 the fate of 136 men and boys was sealed.

wellington pit memorial

The memorial sis just below the pit head looking out to sea.

At 7.40pm on the evening of May 11 1910, people became alerted to air gushing out from the mine accompanied with thick dust.

An underground explosion made this Cumbria’s worst mining disaster with many local families losing two or three generations of men.

Those who survived the initial explosion were later overcome by toxic gases, many of them leaving chalked inscriptions upon the walls of the mine.

Wellington Pit disaster – Heritage and history article.

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