Howff Graveyard, Dundee

Over 80,000 records from the Howff graveyard index is available to search online.

Old, worn grave monuments are a wealth of information

A culmination of several years work by volunteers from both the Friends of Dundee City Archives and the Tay Valley Family History Society.

The records of The Howff, Dundee’s City Cemetery, which are held in the City Archives, were transcribed first on to a card index and then on to a computer datafile. The card index is now held in the Family History Centre.

Computer files are provided in HTML in order to make the data available more widely. The 80,000 records are arranged by initial letter of the person’s family name, which has limitations but provides quicker access than through using a single file.  These can be searched from the website front page.

The volunteers must be congratulated not only on their devotion, which brought the task to a conclusion, but on the accuracy which the records demonstrate.

Visit the Friends of Dundee City Archive for more information

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