Tracing your ancestors – new books

Family history can be quite a challenge especially when you are not quite sure where to start with official organisations.

Pen and Sword Books of South Yorkshire, have made tracing your ancestors that little bit easier with a new collection of titles.

Currently around 22 books are in the collection. They offer advice on a wide range of family history research including how to find information about an ancestor in the secret service.

Tracing your ancestors may need a bit of help

Tracing your ancestors may need a bit of help

Other books in the Tracing your Ancestors collection include; how you can trace your railway or shipbuilding ancestors.

Tracing your criminal ancestors

Maybe one of your ancestors became involved in criminal activities and your research has started to dry up.

Stephen Wade has written a 176 page paperback offering suggestions on where to go for that illusive information. Using case studies, he provides suggestions on how you could take your research further and finally track down your relative from the dark side of life.

Tracing Your Criminal Ancestors is essential reading for anyone who wishes to explore the criminal past and seeks to trace an ancestor who had a criminal record.

Tracing your ancestors

The Tracing your Ancestors collection is available via Amazon using the links below.

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