16th Earl of Perth

Sweetheart Abbey on the outskirts of Dumfries is the burial place of James Eric Drummond, 16th Earl of Perth.

James Eric Drummond gravestone at Sweetheart Abbey

James Eric Drummond

Situated behind the right hand stone wall of Sweetheart Abbey in new Abbey, is the inconspicuous grave marker of James Eric Drummond, 16th Earl of Perth. 17/08/1876 to 15/12/1951
Also his beloved wife Angela C Maxwell Countess of Perth 10/12/1877 – 24/04/1965.

Two other memorials alongside are dedicated to Nancy Seymour Finke, countess of Perth who was born in New York City in 1911.  Wife of John David Drummond 17th Earl of Perth and the tragic 1964 grave of the 3 day old Annabella Margaret Drummond.

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