Greenwood Cemetery, Iowa

The Greenwood cemetery is situated in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Greenwood cemetery IowaThe Greenwood cemetery website, was created by history and social studies education students at the University of Northern Iowa and contains a great deal of useful information.

A handy plot referenced plan of the cemetery is complete with the ability to search by category;

Heros & Aviators – John Livingston, Aden Livingston & Phillip Lund of Cedar Falls.
War Memorial – Erected to not only salute the veterans of the Civil War, but also those of all of the wars that the United States has fought, including the War of 1812, Spanish-American, World War I, World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.
Businessmen – Cornelius Neil McHugh, Jens Nielsen, John Raab, Willaim Raab, Hugh Smith, George Wyth.
Epitaphs – Nielsen and Messerly family.
Veterans – Of the Civil War, World War II and Vietnam.
Mausoleum – The Mausoleum is a block type building done in a simple Egyptian Revival style.
Metal Monuments – A selection of 19th Century monuments made from metal.
Pioneers – John M. Overman, Dempsey Overman, Andrew Mullarky, George Philpot, Sheldon Fox.
Significant Women – Theresa Sartori, Johanna Raab, Ruth Suckow Nuhn, Jessie Parrott Loomis.

More information – Visit the Greenwood Cemetery website.

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