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The Society of Genealogists have just launched their new Business Index Collection which available to SoG members via the SoG website and has also been published online with partners Findmypast.

The record collection is made up of a selection of 17 books and trade dictionaries produced in different areas of the UK from 1893 – 1927, with 9,757 records showcasing businesses and prominent people of the late Victorian era and early twentieth century. You can find out more detailed information about the Business Index Collection.

The records are a superb family history resources. They can provide a lot of detail about your ancestors’ lives, often including a photograph and a short biography which will detail their education and experience, memberships of corporations and clubs, their hobbies or leisure activities as well as any charities they may have been involved with.

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The Society of Genealogists


Findmypast – Genealogy website index to British Shopkeepers, businessmen and women.

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