Ettleton Cemetery Inscriptions

One of our readers has kindly provided us with a document detailing the burials at Ettleton Cemetery in Newcastleton.


The monument to William Armstrong of Sorbitrees towers above those of others in the small cemetery

Newcastleton sits on the Scottish border in, Roxburghshire and Ettleton cemetery is dominated by Border Reiver names such as Armstrong, Beattie, Crozier and Elliot, of which the largest monument in the cemetery belongs to William Armstrong of Sorbytrees.

The hand typed list provides detailed grave inscriptions for over 250 gravestones and monuments and is a great resource for anybody researching border reiver family history.

It is not known when this list was compiled, but dates on the stones range from early 18th century to mid 20th century.

The provenance and completeness of this list is unknown and was thought to have been collated by somebody researching family genealogy.  However, it is obvious that he or she applied many hours to this enterprise.

Grave stone inscription records such as this are usually collected for private family history research but they play an incredibly important role for others around the world.

We cannot be responsible for the accuracy of the list, and as far as we are aware there are no copyright issues, but please do contact us if you have other information.

Many thanks to the person who took the time to collect this information and to our kind reader, who after using it to research her own family genealogy, has allowed us to publish it for the benefit of others.

Download the file (.pdf)

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