Looking for George and Mary Easton

One of our readers is looking for someone who may have images of a grave in Newington Cemetery, Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Matthew George Easton, born 1823 was a renowned Scottish Temperance Advocate. The  Scottish Presbyterian preacher, theologian and writer is most

Easton's Bible Dictionary

Easton’s Bible Dictionary for KIndle

known work is the Easton’s Bible Dictionary which was published three years after his death.

Formerly known as the Illustrated Bible Dictionary, this text is a classic source for Bible scholars and is considered a useful text for bible study to this day. Easton’s Bible Dictionary provides excellent background information on a variety of Biblical topics and can also be download free of charge form Google books.

The English translations of two of Franz Delitzsch’s commentaries are among his other works.

According to Glasgow University, he gained his MA (Master of Arts) in 1843 and DD (Doctor of Divinity) in 1874.

George Easton was buried a year after his wife Mary Heatherington Easton.  Their resting place is at Echo Bank now Newington Cemetery, Portobello, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Mary died on the 24th December 1883 and was buried on 27th December.

George died a year later on 5th January 1884 and was buried on the 9th.

Newington Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland

Newington Cemetery, Edinburgh, Scotland by Kim Traynor

Mortonhall Cemetery Office have located the graves in the upper left corner with locations given as:  Grave:P-246 & P-247, respectively.

It has been noted that the Scottish Temperance League were erecting a monument to the Eastons’ memory.  However, Newington cemetery is not in the best of conditions and many of the monuments now lay flat on the ground.

There are indications that this has been carried out by the local council for safety reasons but we have been unable to verify this to date.

Our reader is interested in locating a photo of the Eastons’ final resting place and monument and we would be grateful for any assistance or advice that other readers may be able to offer.

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