Help required with grave symbol

One of our readers is looking for help deciphering the symbol on an ancestor’s grave.

John G Mold Gravestone, Sunrise, Minnesota

John G Mold Gravestone, Sunrise, Minnesota

This headstone in Sunrise, Minnesota, United States, is for John G Mold, a German immigrant to the US in the mid 1800’s and one of the first settlers in the area.

He died in April 1877 and as far as our reader is aware their ancestor farmed, owned a mill and a hotel.

It is thought the arrow may indicate mortality and the hook may be a baker’s hook.

Four letters underneath the image are ?.A.D.D

Our reader would be grateful for any assistance and we can be contacted via the comments section at the end of this article.

The Sunrise cemetery is listed on and has over 600 searchable interments with images for the majority.


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