Tracing Your Ancestors’ Parish Records

Tracing your Ancestors’ Parish records is a new guide for Family and Local Historians written by Stuart Raymond and published by Pen and Sword.

Parish records are essential sources for family and local historians, and Stuart Raymond’s handbook is an invaluable

Tracing Your Ancestors' Parish Records

Tracing Your Ancestors’ Parish Records

guide to them.

He explores and explains the fascinating and varied historical and personal information they contain. His is the first thoroughgoing survey of these resources to be published for over three decades.

In a concise, easy-to-follow text he describes where these important records can be found and demonstrates how they can be used.

Records relating to the poor laws, apprentices, the church, tithes, enclosures and charities are all covered.

The emphasis throughout is on understanding their original purpose and on revealing how relevant they are for researchers today.

Compelling insights into individual lives and communities in the past can be gleaned from them, and they are especially useful when they are combined with other major sources, such as the census.

Tracing Your Ancestors’ Parish Records is an excellent introduction to this key area of family and local history research – it is a book that all family and local historians should have on their book shelf.

Stuart Raymond was formerly librarian of the Yorkshire Archaeological Society; he is an experienced family and local historian and an expert on the history of wills as well as parish records.

Amongst his numerous publications are Parish Registers: A History and Guide and The Wills of Our Ancestors, as well as a wide variety of other handbooks, web directories and library guides for family and local historians.

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