Robert Anderson – The Cumberland Bard

In a corner of the grounds of Carlisle Cathedral is a simple memorial to Robert Anderson, the Cumberland Bard. The inscription on the front of … [Read more...]

William Paterson – Sweetheart Abbey

Sir William Paterson is buried in an unmarked grave at Sweetheart Abbey, near to Dumfries in Scotland. As the founder of the Bank of England, … [Read more...]

Solway Smugglers’ Grave

A young 18th century Manx smuggler,  Thomas Stowell, is buried at Bowness on Solway church. Smuggling along the Solway coast was rife during the … [Read more...]

MacTaggart Stewarts of Ardwell

Erected on the site of the older Kirkmadrine Church, is a mortuary chapel in memory of the MacTaggart Stewarts of Ardwell. A 19th Century, … [Read more...]

Wellington Pit memorial

A memorial is erected a hundred years after a fatal explosion at Wellington Pit in Whitehaven. High on the cliff tops overlooking Whitehaven town … [Read more...]

Thomas Addison M.D.

Thomas Addison M.D. was one of the great medical physicians of the 19th Century.  His grave lies sheltered beneath the great yew tree at Lanercost … [Read more...]

Li Yuan Chia, Artist

Lanercost priory is the resting place of Li Yuan Chia, a modern artist from China who made his home in the Village of Bankside on Hadrian's Wall in … [Read more...]

Poets’ Graves website

Poets' Graves is an on-line database of the last resting places of poets. The site is regularly archived by the British Library so that it remains … [Read more...]

Richard S. Ferguson Chancellor of Carlisle

Situated to the right of the church entrance door to St Michael's Church, Stanwix, is a much different type of tombstone, dedicated to Richard Saul. … [Read more...]

Archie Armstrong Court Jester

Archibald Armstrong "Archie or Archy," as his name suggests, came from the infamous Border Reiving clan and although originally he would ply his time … [Read more...]