Find a Grave in Scotland

Find A Grave in Scotland will help you find the final resting place of a loved one or an ancestor to add to your family tree. Search by Name, Region, … [Read more...]

Fair Helen of Kirkconnel

In the ancient churchyard of Kirkconnel is the grave of fair Helen Irving and her lover Adam Flemming; The Border Reiver's own Romeo and Juliet. Tom … [Read more...]

MacTaggart Stewarts of Ardwell

Erected on the site of the older Kirkmadrine Church, is a mortuary chapel in memory of the MacTaggart Stewarts of Ardwell. A 19th Century, … [Read more...]

Scottish Borders Gravestones

The Borders Family History Society aim to help people with their family history primarily in the Border counties (Berwickshire, Peeblesshire, … [Read more...]